Working on version 2, have ordered SDK for Pocket PC so should have it on Pocket PC in a few weeks.

Screenshots of version 2 prototype

Main Diary Add A Meal Add an Ingrdient

 Blood Sugar Graph  Average Blood Sugar Graphs

Comments please

 Version 1

I've put version one up on the web. Version one is the one I currently use day to day. It's very primative, its mmol only but most functions will work on mg as well. It will wrongly colour your printouts as I've currently hardcoded this. It's also crashes occasionally but should not loss data.

To setup Download ZIP, unzip into folder, double click setup. Runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000 Pro to my knowledge.
If anyone care to install and look at the app, I'll try and incorporate all feedback into the next version I'm currently crafting.
The database has some of my old data in it, otherwise I don't know if the current version will start, the data is for the period from 11 Aug to 8 Sept so you need to set the filters back to these dates then press Apply before running reports etc. It currently uses DD/MM/YYYY format dates. This will allow people to play around and make suggestions without the effort required to put in a meaningful data. If anyone wants to use it in it's current format I'll write a small exe that deletes my data, they can then put some of thier own data in and then delete mine once they have a database.
The things I use it day to day for are
1) Carb counting and calculating insulin dosage. Add meal, Add ingredient.
To add a meal
Select Add, then meal. Enter foodstuff description, shorter description work better, press search, click on the food stuff, type qty in grams, press return. IF an ingredient is not there, add it using the add meal button.
Select meal type from drop down, enter insulin in text box,
If you right click on an ingredient in meal you will get a popup menu "Carb goal seek". If you click this it will offer you a box for a target carb to insulin ratio. Type your ration in here and it will adjust the indredients wt to meet your goal. I tend to assemble meal and then adjust the potato, pasta or rice to suit my target. 
Base on ..  provides ability to select a preious meal and use it as starting point for next meal. My breakfasts tend to be quite similar.
Modify allows you to go back and change the content of a meal. For some reason I use this most when I have more wine than I was planning with a meal. ;-)
2) Printing my diary for each day.
Reports - Overall Dairy - Select Part to print by clicking on first row, then holding shift and using down arrow to select what you want to print. Then Print Reports Menu, Selected part of current report.
3) Calculating my wt average bloodsugar which predicts my HbA1c
Reports - Stats
Things that don't work are
    Daily analysis does not work unless you have bloodsugar results for the period     selected
    Printing reports menu, sub menu == USE selected part of current report instead.
Other notes.
Edit bloodsugar allow you to adjust readings
Edit mealtimes allows you to adjust meal times when you actually eat later/ earlier than when you prepared the meal. As the program groups bloodsugar readings around meal times to calc raise/drop with meal in some reports getting a mealtime out of sync with meter reading times can lead to some odd looking results. 

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Download DIM Prototype

BUG - Note Well - The DIM prototype needs to be installed into a directory C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Houston\My Documents\NI otherwise it does not work. Apologies - my bug. This exe will create this directory and move the db to the correct directory. DIM/Project1.exe

Also you need to enter a 2 bloodsugar reading (1 either side of the meal) and 1 meal before the reports work. Or simply set the dates to August (1 August 2002 to 31 August 2002) of last year to see some sample data from that period, and press the apply button.